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This project serves as the final synthetic volume

in the "new adventures" saga from Damien Lamar

Future compositions, works and derivatives

will be collaborative and created using both

synthetic & organic, live instrumentation, elements and vocals.

“The Fall of 2+0+2+0”

The thematic soundscape continuation and a story of an archivist, engineer, and time traveler now known as "ProfessorClock", who travels by way of a G.R.I.D. (geometron relocation interspacial device), interspacially bringing him into present-day from the period before and during the onset of the burnings of The Great Library of Alexandria (296 B.C.). Arriving from the past with an ominous, thought-provoking warning and foretelling of the future of time, our relation to Earth and the Multi-verses.

More Damien Lamar Discography

Damien Lamar’s complete discography is now completely available on Bandcamp. Stream “The New Adventures of ProgressorClock, Waiting (Redux), Convinced and more!

Recent Releases

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