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Brand & Web Producer behind

ProfessorClock Media

ASCAP Publisher & Writer Member, Vocalist, Entertainer, Sound Designer, Web & Design Producer, Radio Producer, Speaker, Podcaster

  • Damien is an expert at creating a strong brand presence online

  • Let him develop your company's website and have it done in one to two weeks

  • Design dynamic, engaging video commercials for your company that will captivate customers

  • Get professional graphic design work with no hidden fees or unforeseen charges

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Time Traveler's Digest is an eleven-part audio drama series with a fresh take on history, told through original music, sound effects, and voice acting by some of today's most talented actors and musicians. Each episode brings a whole new story to life using old-time radio-style presentation. Join us as we travel back in time to discover some of the most fascinating people, places, and events in our world's history! Coming February 2022, wherever you get your podcasts.



Remastered 10th Anniversary Edition of Damien Lamar’s 4-volume magnum opus “The New Adventures of ProfessorsClock” which features bonus tracks from the newest forthcoming installment in the series: “Time Traveler’s Digest

Streaming and Available for Purchase Exclusively on Bandcamp

Frank Clements

Frank Clements has rich, thick, and full of passion, composed of both soul and gospel music that he was raised on. As the son of two parents who loved music, his love for singing came naturally. It only took him a short time to discover his gift, a gift that he continues to develop today. As a singer-songwriter, Frank’s broad vocal range and captivating sound are unmistakable and his sound is molded by his love of R&B and pop artists such as Aretha Franklin, Luther Vandross, Patti LaBelle, Rahsaan Patterson, and Whitney Houston.

Official Website

Damien Lamar “Waiting (Redux)”


Released September 18, 2020 - Waiting (Redux) features new & unreleased material and remastered works from that span the last 11 years of Damien Lamar's music career. 'Redux' offers a diverse, genre-crossing record featuring the music production from Tommy Bridgewater, Stéphane Pitois, Kela Holmes, Benjamin Kornegay, Mr. Al Pete, as well as vocal production by Frank Clements .

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Founded in 2010, ProfessorClock Media LLC is a multi-disciplinary digital branding design & creative studio. We specialize in making unique, cutting-edge web, graphic & music experiences.

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