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ASCAP Publisher & Writer Member, Vocalist, Entertainer, Sound Designer, Web & Design Producer, Radio Producer, Speaker, Podcaster

I am Florida-bred by way of New York, a native of Jacksonville, and a self-taught polymath that works toward mastering the art of relationship-oriented business. As an experienced, results‐driven technologist I come with more than 25 years experience and posses wide array of skill‐sets, proficiencies to get the job done.

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Satellite Frank

ProfessorClock Media caught up with pianist, multi-instrumentalist & DJ André Martins aka Satellite Frank after his recent DJ set “Countdown to The Great Conjunction”. Satellite Franks shares how he got started DJing, plans for the future of his sets.

Keep an eye out for Satellite Frank, new videos, live DJ sets, mixes and any of his social media.

Satellite Frank on Soundcloud

Neon Motherboard

One of northeast Florid’s newest independent nu-jazz, soul & R&B bands who takes their inspiration from a wide variety of genres from soul, funk, rock & R&B adding a touch of complexity to round out the mix. Their name is drawn from the bands’ desire to connect listeners (or peripherals) at the core (the motherboard) with love and good vibes.

Official Website

Damien Lamar

Florida bred by way of New You, R&B singer/songwriter and producer Damien Lamar grew up on the First Coast

Damien Lamar is an American singer-songwriter, technologist, sound designer and producer. To local audiences, he is known for his passionate live performances and honest yet sensitive lyrics. Refining the art of home studio recording, Damien incorporates diverse influences, including jazz, gospel, down-tempo, R&B, rock, and ambient sounds.

Official Website

Damien Lamar “Waiting (Redux)”


Released September 18, 2020 - Waiting (Redux) features new & unreleased material and remastered works from that span the last 11 years of Damien Lamar's music career. 'Redux' offers a diverse, genre-crossing record featuring the music production from Tommy Bridgewater, Stéphane Pitois, Kela Holmes, Benjamin Kornegay, Mr. Al Pete, as well as vocal production by Frank Clements .

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Founded in 2010, ProfessorClock Media LLC is a multi-disciplinary digital branding design & creative studio. We specialize in making unique, cutting-edge web, graphic & music experiences.

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